the only appropriate way to respond to shinee’s key waving at you


The story behind Jonghyun’s sombrero

140404 SHINee at Zocalo in Mexico
SHINee members were walking when Jonghyun saw the sombrero he told managers about it but they ignored him.
At that time shawols tried to talk to him, they were beckoning to ask what he wanted and he pointed at the sombrero.
Shawols immediately bought it and called him, he turned and pushed his bodyguard to grab the sombrero, he quickly put it on his head that’s why no one took it off , when he grabbed it he said so excited ”oh thank you”, and he made a funny face.

Clever Onew~

K: Why are you ignoring me?! Ari-chan? *thumbs up*
A: *complies with thumbs up* Key-oppaaa…..
K: *desperate* I brought you ddeokbokki!
A: ….Fine, I’ll eat it.

i like how she still answers with their thumb thing even though she’s mad at him

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